Kim Kardashian West’s Wet Hair Look

Ah, the Kardashians. Whether you love them or hate them, they have a real knack for fashion. Now before you roll your eyes at me, take a look at this look Kim Kardashian West was rocking at her youngest sister, Kylie Jenner’s 21st.


The “wet hair look,” I have been eyeing off this hair-do for a few months now, wondering when I’ll have the guts to give it a go. So, if you’re like me and ready to take the wet hair plunge then give this a go:

  1. Start with wet hair. (Classic. LOL)
  2. Grab some mousse or gel, give it a cheeky scrunch.
  3. Use preferably more gel to get into the roots of your hair. (The more gel you add, the wetter it looks.)
  4. Comb your hair back at the roots.
  5. Add some glossing spray or serum to the end of your hair.
  6. Hold that bad boy in place with hairspray.

Easy- peezy! So many products at affordable prices, make it work girl!


Ash xx

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