fi_The-Benefits-of-HydrationIt’s Winter, you’re skin feels dry and it just seems a little dull. Don’t worry, I know how ya feel!

My amazing friends at “The Secret to Beautiful Skin,” have helped us out in what we need to do to get that glow back into our skin, no matter the season…


Over to you fab ladies!


EXFOLIATION – The first important step to hydrating the skin is exfoliation. It is imperative that you remove the build up of dead skin cells which create a barrier, clogging the skin and not allowing products to penetrate. Regular exfoliation is a must to maintain the steady production and elimination processes of the skin.

MOISTURISING – For a healthy, glowing and hydrated skin, it is vital that you are using a high quality moisturiser morning and night, as it locks in water which is lost in the heat of Summer and the dryness of Winter. When it comes to to an ingredient that is hydrating, Hyaluronic Acid is an absolute must have! This amazing molecule holds 1000 times its weight in water and is found naturally in the body, however as we age our skins supply decreases. Using Hyaluronic Acid daily in a Serum and Moisturiser will definitely boost skin hydration.

TOTAL BODY HYDRATION – Did you know that the skin is the largest organ in the body? So of course what you eat and drink has a big affect on it. Making sure you drink plenty of water (between 2-3 litres of pure, clean water) on a daily basis is super important to the hydration levels of your skin. A fantastic product to help assist with total body hydration is the ‘Hydration Inner Beauty Boost’ by ‘The Beauty Chef’. This product uses organic coconut water, aloe vera and lemon myrtle to revolutionise skin hydration from the inside out. It contains a unique blend of electrolytes, minerals, vitamins and plant nutrients that support skin and gut health. Adding this into your daily water intake is a sure way to optimise skin hydration.

Of course this is only touching on the basics and we could go into all of this much deeper but for now we will keep it short and sweet and hope you can take something from this information.

If you have any questions that you would like answered or would like a free skin consult, please feel free to contact us. We provide a wide range of skin and beauty treatments and stock many different product ranges (including ‘The Beauty Chef’) that we are confident, will be beneficial to you!

Lots of love,

Madi – Beauty Specialist – 0400 142 014
Robyn – Dermal Therapist – 0428365808

Located at ‘The Secret to Beautiful Skin’ 165 Mooloolaba Road, Buderim.

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