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Hot 91.1 the home of Dave, Sam & Ash for Breakfast. Weekdays 5.30am-9am.

Everyday the alarms go off at 3.30am and Dave, Sam & Ash get to come to “work” to talk about the important issues and the not so important issues. Their 2nd year on air together and their partners get worried that they spend a little too much time together. They play volleyball every Tuesday night as well as attend many local events on the Sunshine Coast.


With a wealth of knowledge when it comes to crazy ideas, this crazy bunch always find a way to get their ideas through. Even when it’s as silly as riding a wheelie bin down a hill into a dam at Maleny. The idea came from the 2018 Winter Olympics also during the same time as the Barnaby Joyce baby Daddy scandal.  The listeners got involved and voted that the name of the wheelie bin should be called, “Bin’aby Joyce.”

They first created a promo song…


Then it was time for the moment of truth… Will they make the dam?



With plenty of Shenanigans and a tonne of fun you can keep up-to-date at their website