Come on Barty, let’s go party!

Can I start by saying, I don’t know Ash Barty, but I’m sure as hell, proud as punch! What a woman! At 23 years old, Ash Barty has done the unthinkable and has taken home the biggest pay day in tennis history, $6.4 million. Oh, that’s also to add to her already $10million in winnings this year. The best part, she deserves every single penny.

Now, we know that’s not why she plays the game. She plays tennis because she loves it. In fact, she had a break a few years ago to focus on playing cricket for the Brisbane Heat. She needed a rest, but our favourite part of this story is that she has come back, fitter, stronger and more mentally sharp to own that World Number 1 ranking, that she will now see out the year with.

Another title under her belt, the WTA Finals in Shenzhen, has just been the icing on the cake for Ash. If you missed her post match interview, you can see she gets a little flustered (as you would after the year you’ve had!)

Yep, she dropped “shitty,” but can you blame her? Just like a champ, she picked up where she left off and continued on with her interview. We’ve all been there right?

She also, mentioned, the word “TEAM,” a word that maybe foreign to some other Aussie Tennis blokes. I digress.

As a massive advocate for women’s sport, Barty, has put the ladies back on the map when it comes to tennis here in Australia. The fact, that she is so down to earth, a humble winner, a team player and an all round incredible athlete, this is just the start for Ash Barty and as together as a nation I think we’re all excited to see where the Barty Party takes us.

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